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Tofflemire Application






Instruments and Materials

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Video Demo

Video Demonstration



Select an appropriate band and wedge

  • Band size varies depending on tooth and restoration size

Select band

Bring the two ends of the matrix band together forming a loop with the band 

  • Optional: Round the curved loop of the band using the shank of a cylindrical hand instrument 

Form loop

Hold the tofflemire retainer so that the slot on the head faces upward. Slip the two ends of the looped matrix band through the diagonal slot on the vice of the retainer 

  • The smaller circumference of the loop should face up toward you

Place band in retainer

Depending on the quadrant, the loop will come out on the left or the right side of the retainer head 

  • If working on the upper right or lower left quadrant, the loop will come out of the slots located on the right side 

  • If working on the lower right or upper left quadrant, the loop will come out of the slots located on the left side 

Adjust band

Secure the band in the retainer by turning the locking nut in a clockwise direction

  • This will prevent the band from slipping out of the retainer

Secure band

Orient the retainer such that the open end of the retainer faces toward the gingiva. Place the loop over the crown of the tooth being restored 

  • If the band loop is too narrow, use the side of any round or cylindrical instrument to burnish the band 

  • The retainer should rest adjacent to the buccal, it should not be placed lingually or rest on any teeth

Place loop over tooth

Adjust the diameter of the matrix loop around the sides of the tooth by turning the adjusting nut (long knob) in a clockwise direction

Adjust loop diameter

Place a wedge in from the lingual aspect with the base facing gingivally

  • Optional: For larger embrasures, an additional wedge may be placed in the embrasure from the buccal 

Place wedge

Burnish the contact area of the matrix band using a round or cylindrical hand instrument

Burnish contact area


Set Up for Quad 2 & 4 

For use in 2nd and 4th quadrant

Loop comes out from LEFT

Check the following after set-up: ​

  • Correct orientation depending on arch and quadrant

  • Tofflemire band is snug around the circumference of the tooth

  • Tofflemire retainer should rest in the buccal vestibule and not on any teeth

Set Up for Quad 1 & 3

For use in 2nd and 4th quadrant

Loop comes out from RIGHT

Correct tofflemire retainer set-up




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