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“Their invention could be one of the most innovative educational technologies to enhance student learning in the dental curriculum."

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"The first time I learned about the idea of using the web-based teaching tool in the dental curriculum, I was immediately impressed by this innovation"


"This project will serve as a means of standardizing and democratizing dental education globally."

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"'Being able to work with students and faculty at other schools has been the key to growing our platform ... It’s helped to increase and diversify the content we offer.'”

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"Online education is here to stay. Noting their generation’s interest in accessing learning videos, five Harvard School of Dental Medicine DMD students teamed up to create an online platform with step-by-step video tutorials for dental procedures to supplement traditional clinical and in-class learning."

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"'We saw a need for our generation to have access to modern videos and technology, while learning and developing their clinical skills in dental school'"

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"With My Dental Key, dental learners worldwide can succeed in class, clinic, and beyond."

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"MDK is making dental education more accessible to dental students and learners from diverse backgrounds by presenting information in multimedia formats including videos, illustrations, and written guides."

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