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Our Story

We are a team of students, educators, dentists, and artists dedicated to transforming dental education.

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My Dental Key was founded by dental students as they navigated the rigors of their own dental school experience. The co-founders were dissatisfied with conventional methods of teaching preclinical and clinical dentistry, which included textbooks, PowerPoints, and low-quality video demonstrations. Information was not easy to access and often contradictory. They sought to build a comprehensive tool that catered to the technological modern student learner. After releasing a pilot version to Harvard students, they confirmed the need for quality online EdTech in dentistry and released what we know today as My Dental Key.

Founders Story

Our Mission

My Dental Key is an online learning platform that helps students learn clinical and preclinical dentistry by harnessing 21st century video technology to help students visualize complex clinical concepts.


We craft our videos, illustrations, photographs, and step-by-step procedures to suit the needs of the novice and experienced student learner. Our perspective as dental students helps us create materials perfectly suited to solve the pain points that currently exist in dental education.


Our content is verified by leading Harvard academicians to ensure our resource is highly accurate and trustworthy. This commitment to quality makes learning with My Dental Key incredibly highly effective.


Learn with My Dental Key

We read the textbooks, ADEX guidelines, and endless class PowerPoints so you can focus on learning and mastering the high-yield information you need. No more sifting through YouTube videos with conflicting, unverified information.


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