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Oral Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Modules

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Learn the history and evidence behind interproximal cleaning, as well as how to properly floss.

Learn how fluoride prevents caries, and how to apply fluoride varnish.

Learn the history and importance of tooth brushing, and how to perform the Modified Bass brushing technique.

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SDG icons used in compliance with UN guidelines.

Alignment with the UN Sustainable Development 

My Dental Key helps the oral health learner improve their skills and thereby promotes better patient care. Importantly, our work with Colgate aligns with the World Health Organization Sustainable Development Goals.

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Good health and wellbeing is meant to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. Through our medical grade educational videos and tutorials, we are promoting better treatment of patients through improved education for students to improve oral and overall health.

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Quality education ensures inclusive and equitable quality education and promotes lifelong learning opportunities for all. MDK is providing resources for all types of learners that are academically validated and accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

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MDK’s uniquely accessible platform is reducing oral health inequalities by increasing access to information. We’re working with students and educators around the world, leveling the playing field between disparate education systems and ensuring our content is available in a variety of languages.

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Through MDK's partnership with Colgate and BSBF, we are increasing our reach and spreading the word about our unique resource. This partnership strengthens the implementation of the SDG's as we use our innovative educational technology to benefit oral health worldwide. 

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