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Our mission is simple: increase efficiency in learning preclinical and clinical dentistry, so students can pass their exams, ace their boards, and get into their dream jobs and residencies. 

My Dental Key is made possible because of thousands of hours of hard work put in by our team. If you are passionate about dentistry and education, we'd love to work with you too. 



Jennifer graduated from Grand Valley State University and is a D4 at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. Her background is in education and she strives to create content for all types of learners. In her free time, Jenn works as a fitness instructor and enjoys baking with friends.

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Jennifer Lee


Leela graduated from Swarthmore College with degrees in Biology and Studio Art and is a D4 at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. Leela has previously worked in startups, and is a medical illustrator and educator. She is dedicated to improving clinical dental education for students across the globe.

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Leela Breitman

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Emily received her BS in Biochemistry from Tufts University and is D3 at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. With her extensive background in R&D, Emily directs our research program, grant writing, and web design efforts.

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Emily Van Doren


Alice is a D2 at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. With her background in art, she creates many of our dental illustrations, and is developing our dental anatomy module. 

Senior Illustrator & Content Developer
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Alice Li

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Mariam is a D2 at Tufts School of Dental Medicine and contributes to operative procedure editing, website design, and is working on our dental anatomy module.

Content Developer

Mariam Khan

Dr. Berdan is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Dentistry at the USC School of Dentistry and an Endodontic specialist in Los Angeles, CA.

Endodontics Advisor

Dr. Yaara Berdan

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Karen He


Karen is a graduate of Williams College and D4 at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. Having worked in investment banking, her role is in growth, fundraising, and end-market research.

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Jonathan graduated from Boston College and produces marketing and videography content and is involved in marketing outreach. 

Communications Manager
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Jonathan Im

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Elizabeth is a D3 at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine and contributes to endodontic procedure writing and editing. 

Content Contributor

Elizabeth McGough

Content Contributor

Nick is a D2 at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry. With a background in photo editing, he is a dental and social media content creator.

Nick Nguyen