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Leadership Team

Karen He

Financial Strategist

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Karen's role is in growth and fundraising, which includes grants writing, conducting end-market research, and presenting to potential investors.

Alice Li


Alice creates original dental illustrations for Dental Key and is involved in research development and student outreach. 

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Leela Breitman


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Leela works on illustration and video design and production. She writes procedures, grants, and contributes to academic and market research. 

Jennifer Lee


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Jennifer contributes to procedure writing, clinical photography, website design, and academic and market research development. 

Emily Van Doren


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Emily contributes to website design, procedure editing, academic and market research, and grant writing. 

Academic Advisory Board

The Academic Advisory Board is made up of dental, medical, and business professionals who ensure accuracy, validate procedures, and provide support for academic and market research purposes. 

Dr. Supattriya Chutinan

Operative Dentistry Advisor

Lead Advisor

Dr. Hiroe Ohyama

Operative Dentistry Advisor

Lead Advisor

Dr. Grace Huang

Medical Education Advisor

Dr. Sang Park

Academic Advisor 

Dr. Maurizio Fazio

Dr. Bruce Donoff

Dr. Adam Hamilton

Peter McKelvey

Innovation Advisor 

Research Mentor

Videography Mentor

Business Development Advisor

We're always looking for people who are passionate about dentistry and education


Aisha Ba

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

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