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Common Dental Codes

Practice Problems

Practice Problem #1

L BW illustration.png

In your practice, you are seeing a recall patient with high caries risk. It has been two years since her last exam and radiographs. You decide to order 4 bitewings, what code will you input into the system? The first two numbers are 02.

Practice Problem #2


You are performing a core buildup on a patient when you notice that the crown preparation will violate the biological width if prepared as is. You decide to complete a crown lengthening treatment plan for the tooth. What code will you put into the patient’s chart?

Practice Problem #3

Prophy_Cup_And_Paste (1).png

A new patient comes into your practice asking for a cleaning. You see on their new patient paperwork that they are in their mid 50s and the last dentist they saw  had them on a regular 6 month recall schedule. You decide to code them for an adult prophy. What is the code that you use?

Practice Problem #4


A patient comes in with a chipped number 9 from a bicycle accident. You determine that the tooth will need restoration of the mesial, incisal, facial, distal, and lingual surfaces. The patient needs to know how much to pay, so you must 
order a treatment plan for a 4+ surface anterior composite. What is the code that you give to the front desk to make the treatment plan?

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